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General Surgery
If your pet needs surgery, Glen Burnie Animal Hospital provides specialized equipment and sterile procedures not available in many general private veterinary hospitals. State-of-the-art monitoring is used to ensure safety. Skilled veterinary technicians monitor anesthesia, and our doctors are experienced in a wide range of surgical procedures.

Laser Surgery
Most of our surgical procedures are performed with laser. Laser surgery provides a way to make surgery less painful, with less bleeding, less post operative swelling and less tissue trauma. Most incisions made with the laser will not require external stitches which make your pet even more comfortable as they recover. All feline declaws are performed with laser to ensure our patients have the least amount of pain and discomfort post-operatively.

Glen Burnie Animal Hospital has complete dental workshop, which includes Full Mouth Digital Dental X-ray’s, tooth extraction and routine dental cleaning and polishing. Digital dental x-ray helps in detecting gum disease and whether or not a tooth needs to be repaired or extracted.

Hospitalization and Fluid Therapy
Hospital is equipped with IV Infusion pumps for accurate fluid administration intravenously. Technical support is fully trained to handle any intensive care treatment.

Digital X-Ray
With Fuji’s FDA –approved DICOM Digital X-ray /solution, Glen Burnie Animal Hospital patients will benefit from:
• Outstanding image quality helps to make early diagnosis
• Ability to consult with specialists around the County via the internet regarding your pet’s health
• Fast image acquisition to minimize patients stress and discomfort
• View your pet’s digital x-ray on our big screen TV monitor in exam room.
• We are now able to email x-rays to a specialist or give you a copy on a CD to take home with you.

Digital Ultrasound
Now we offer color Doppler abdominal and cardiac ultrasound service with ability to transfer images electronically to the specialist office for second opinion if needed. Glen Burnie Animal Hospital is the only facility in the area that has human grade state of the art GE Logic E Ultrasound machine.

Helps cure chronic ear infections and removal of tumors in the ear canal. It also helps identify nasal tumors and tissue evaluation; helps diagnose abnormalities in the lower urinary tract, and abnormalities in the lower reproductive system.

Other Diagnostic Procedures
• Urinary bladder studies
• Upper GI barium studies
• Barium enemas BIPS study for GI Obstruction and Inflammatory disease
• Cystogram/Intravenous urography for urinary tract disorders
• EKG and Doppler Blood Pressure. All EKG reports are electronically transferred to the Cardiologist office. Stat reports are available in 1 to 2 hours

Test to diagnosis Glaucoma (increased pressure in the eye)

In-House Laboratory Testing
• CBC/Chemistry and blood gases
We perform complete blood count with differential on fully automatic laser cyte blood analyiser. Full panel chemistry testing which includes liver/kidney function test and blood gases.
• 4D Heartworm test which includes lymes, ehrlichia and anaplasma
• FELV/FIV snap test
• Parvo virus test
• Rapid test for Pancreatitis
• Microchip
• Fecal Parasite Test